About The Brand

Founder and head designer Chasen Jade began the collection in the summer of 2012 during a stay at her family’s vacation home in the Catskill Mountains. Moved by a picturesque setting of wildlife and nature, combined with a passion for creating, Chasen found herself designing jewelry from sunrise until late into the evening, under the moonlit sky.

A weeks worth of hand crafting bohemian like jewels, soon turned into a personal collection for herself and her mother, a holistic healer. While the two wore the necklaces and bracelets on a daily basis, people began asking for custom pieces of their own. As the requests for these beautiful designs grew, Chasen Jade Jewelry began.

Born and raised in a Coastal beach town and having lived in New York City for over 15 years, Chasen draws inspiration from the energy of both lifestyles. Her passion for dance, yoga, and spirituality combine to create wearable jewelry that infuses her whimsical free spirit, with her personal expression. With her love for design, her artistic eye, and a successful career in the fashion industry, Chasen turned her passion into a business.

In 2013 Chasen Jade Jewelry was hand selected by the iconic Fifth Avenue flagship store Henri Bendel, for her one of a kind pieces. Soon after, the incredible gemstone necklaces and beaded stacks quickly found themselves on the shelves of boutiques across New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

As the brand continues to expand, Chasen remains passionate about handpicking each and every stone in order to stay true to her vision of creating exquisitely unique designs that accentuate the natural beauty and energy of the wearer. Each design is made out of a joy for life and love; what it will evoke and how it will inspire the wearer is the magic of each individual piece.

“I believe that within each of us there is a Bohemian Goddess, and every creation inspires to reflect that. With Chasen Jade, anyone can find a piece of jewelry that represents their individual truth and free spirit.”