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Crystal & Gemstone Healing

The power of gemstones and crystals are known to create a sense of tranquility and inner-peace for the individual and for those around them. Wearing them allows one to achieve energy balance and wholeness and to align the body's many energy fields and levels.  Stones are believed to have an extensive memory, remembering where they've been, who they've touched, and all forces and energies that have surrounded them. A stone can pass onto others any energy that it has stored within it.

The Intention of Agate

  • Encourages spiritual maturity and growth

  • Gives Protection

  • Increases your inner vision

  • Enhances inner strength

  • Promotes security and safety

  • Dissolves inner tensions

  • Strengthens rational thought

The Intention of Amber

  • Brings a carefree, sunny disposition

  • Promotes good luck and success

  • Dissolves oppositions

  • Helps with stomach, spleen and kidney complaints

  • Reduces joint problems

  • Helps balance the spiritual insight

  • Balances the Sacral, Solar Plexus & Throat chakras

The Intention of Amethyst

  • Promotes a sense of good judgment

  • Provokes honesty

  • Encourages a quiet and calm mind

  • Aids in meditation to find deep inner peace

  • Comfort at times of loss or grief

  • Aids dreaming, inspiration and intuition

  • Helps balance & enhance the Crown chakra

The Intention of Aquamarine

  • Used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias

  • Promotes safe travel, especially on the water

  • Releases anxiety and restlessness

  • Combats depression

  • Balances the Main Throat chakra

The Intention of Aventurine

  • Enhances energies in the area of love and relationships

  • Assists in the ability to handle life changes

  • Aids in releasing anxiety

  • Relieves stress

  • Balances the Heart chakra

The Intention of Citrine

  • Dissipates negative energy

  • Promotes warm energy and optimism

  • Attracts abundance and is known as the “merchants' stone”, as to not only to acquire & maintain positive wealth

  • Enhances body's healing energy

  • Good for mental focus, endurance, and self-esteem

  • Helps to activate and open the Naval and Solar Plexus charkas, while energizing the Root & Crown chakra.

The Intention of Jade

  • Brings money and prosperity

  • Attracts Love

  • Protection from accidents and misfortune

  • Assists in self-healing

  • Balances the Heart chakra

The Intention of Jasper

  • Stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into actions

  • Creates the ability to foster and nurture

  • Used for grounding and protection

  • Supports stress, while bringing tranquility and wholeness to the mind and body

  • Enhances the Root chakra

The Intention of Lava & Igneous Rocks

  • Used to ground and protect the mind, body & spirit

  • Allows us to root scattered energy

  • Aids in finding focus and brings balance to the body's center

  • Associated with assertiveness, passion, and practicality

  • Balances the Root chakra

The Intention of Obsidian

  • Protects the very sensitive against depression

  • Considered the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people

  • Blocks negativity of any kind

  • Symbolizes self control and resilience

  • Enhances the Base chakra

The Intention of the Fresh Water Pearl

  • Promotes prosperity and success

  • Stimulates spiritual transformation

  • Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty

  • Helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress

  • Amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom

  • Helps balance the Solar Plexus chakra

The Intention of Quartz

  • Promotes positive thoughts and pureness of the heart

  • Enhances the higher consciousness

  • Generates harmony and love

  • Creates clarity of thought and transformation

  • Helps balance the Crown chakra

The Intention of Rosewood

  • Amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom

  • Enhances self compassion and spiritual healing

  • Helps balance the Heart chakra

The Intention of Rose Quartz

  • Strong healer of the heart

  • Known as the Love Stone

  • Makes an excellent friendship gift

  • Encourages helpfulness, self-love, romance, & enhances the ability to open up the heart

  • Balances the Heart and Throat Chakra

The Intention of Smoky Quartz

  • Connects with the sounds of the universe

  • Overcomes fear

  • Enhances virility

  • Dissolves negative energy

  • Balances the Root and Sacral Hara chakra

The Intention of Tigers Eye

  • Enhances Insight

  • Creates clear thinking

  • Serves as protection

  • Brings Good Luck

  • Enhances psychic abilities when placed on the third eye

  • Balances the lower chakras

The Intention of Turquoise

  • Protects from harm

  • Brings Good Fortune

  • Symbolizes friendship

  • Contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects

  • Increases growth & strength

  • Helps balance all the chakras

Find Your Balance Through the Chakras

The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy and the overall life force, also known as prana. They are vertically aligned stations along the central axis of your being, each one used as the source at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of actions, attitudes and emotions. Certain stones are considered in tune with these Chakras and can be used to cleanse and bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. 

Crown Chakra – Chakra 7

The center of connecting to something greater than oneself and expressing wisdom and enlightenment.

Third Eye Chakra – Chakra 6

The center of intuition, imagination and perception.

Throat Chakra – Chakra 5

The center of creativity, self expression and communication.

Heart Chakra – Chakra 4

The center of love which supports sympathy, empathy and the higher conscious.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra 3

The center of identity and motivation where we set our intentions and desires.

Sacral Hara Chakra – Chakra 2

The center of vitality and sensation where we move beyond our basic needs into relationships with others.

Root Chakra – Chakra 1

The center in which we ground ourselves and take care of our basic needs.


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