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Love & Care

Chasen Jade Jewelry is crafted by hand and therefore incredibly delicate. Please treat your pieces with the utmost love and care.

The use of hairsprays, lotions, soaps, colognes or perfumes and any other beauty product can alter the natural state of the materials used. For this reason, please apply products prior to putting on your jewelry, once the area is dry. Our jewelry is sensitive to water and humidity, therefore please remove before washing your hands, exercising, bathing, swimming, sauna, or cleaning. Exposure to these elements can weaken the elastic cord that holds the bracelets together and can contribute to breakage in the future if not cared for properly. Do not clean jewelry with chemicals or water; instead, please gently wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Layering necklaces and chains, should be removed or tucked into clothing when wearing a seatbelt or cross body bag, as they are delicate. Any weight or pull may contribute to breakage in the future. Wearing all jewelry while sleeping should be avoided.

Chasen Jade Jewelry is not responsible for the maintenance or improper care of your jewelry.

When not wearing Chasen Jade Jewelry, please store your jewels in its original dust bag in order to maintain its longevity.


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